International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE) is a London-based non-profit, non-political, membership organisation providing leadership in promoting international trade and investment flows, financial and professional services, energy, infrastructure and ICT sectors as well as championing corporate, commercial and trade diplomacy. IBDE delivers its services, which effectively contribute towards the strengthening of dialogue on international political, business and economic issues, through enhanced consultation and resource-sharing between business people, policymakers, academics and the diplomatic communities. Bridging the gap between business and governments is the game changer for business people and diplomats today, and this is the focus of IBDE.

Through commercial and trade diplomacy and selected high-profile events such as investment forums, round-tables, workshops, conferences, seminars and networking opportunities, IBDE supports international businesses and diplomatic missions in identifying key trade and investment opportunities and strategies within the international economic and political context. IBDE provides an independent, accessible platform for debate on the international business, regulatory and political issues impacting global markets.

IBDE’s overarching concept, linking business, policy-making, academia and diplomacy at all levels, commits the organisation to using its influence to help both businesses and diplomatic community secure new business, trade and investment opportunities. As such, IBDE has both the background and outlook to stimulate and support its members' commercial interests by offering an accessible platform to diplomatic as well as global corporate representatives from the widest spectrum of nations.

Since its incorporation over 7 years ago, IBDE has consistently received excellent feedback on its activities from its strategic partners like City of London, European Commission, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK Trade & Investment, major Corporates and Embassies, as well as leading academic institutions such as the University of Oxford, UCL, and Cass Business School to name a few.

Beside its regular trade & investment promotion programmes, IBDE runs a highly successful international program focusing on responsible banking and investment, effectively restoring resilience, trust and confidence in global financial markets. Consequently, the banking and finance forums, as part of this programme, have made a significant contribution to addressing the principal regulatory changes in the banking landscape. They have focused policymakers’ and industry participants’ attention on the appropriate role and structure of banking supervision and regulation and the crucial role that the financial services industry plays in the effective financing of the so called real economy, thereby setting economic growth back on track.

IBDE is proud to be the Official International Delivery Partner of the International Festival for Business - a major initiative funded by HM Treasury and fully backed by the UK Government. The first festival, IFB2014, which took place in Liverpool during June and July 2014 hosted 415 business events and 68.600 delegates from 92 countries across the globe. £300m of business and 10.000 jobs are expected to be generated in the next three years as a result of the IFB2014.

Given the Festival was a huge success the UK Government had committed the funding for a re-run of the IFB2016 in Liverpool from 13th of June to 1st of July 2016. The Festival hosted 80 world-class conferences and 26.000 delegates from over 100 countries. High profile attendees at the IFB2016 included Noble Laureates, global business leaders, senior government ministers and Her Majesty The Queen. IBDE is proud to have played a key role in the successful delivery of both IFB2014 & IFB2016.

IBDE is also proud to have played an important and constructive role in the UK's EU Referendum debate. With the support of the European Commission, IBDE hosted 8 seminars at Europe House debating the consequences of Brexit. The aim of seminars was both inclusive, in that they have attracted leading representatives from various institutions and field of politics, policy makers and opinion shapers (including businesspeople, politicians, diplomats, academics, civil society representatives and the media) as well as thematically comprehensive in their content, having offered speakers and the audience an opportunity to explore the various viewpoints of the In/Out EU referendum debate.


Should you wish to find out more about IBDE or to become a member, please contact us at membership@ibde.org