The past two decades have witnessed both tremendous change and tremendous growth in the financial sector in countries across the globe and especially the UK. But, many countries in the world have experienced profound banking crises, sometimes leading to costly bank bailouts, bank failures and overall disruption in economic activity. This has tremendously damaged the public trust in banks and financial services. The changes in the banking landscape and banking crises have focused policy makers’ and industry participants’ attention on the appropriate role and structure of banking supervision and regulation. The subsequent sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone and the complex relationship between sovereign and bank debt poses further problems for policymakers. The on-going crisis has also demonstrated the global interconnectedness of the financial system. The vulnerabilities exposed in the crisis affect banks and states globally while regulatory policy is organised along national boundaries – raising difficult policy coordination issues in the international regulatory field.


The forums in this series aim to encourage greater focus on best practice in banking and finance in the quest to restore confidence in financial services as well as reinforce the position of the UK as a financial centre of European and global strategic importance. The forums will aim to create opportunities to:

  • explore the key issues and practices in banking regulation and supervision;
  • promote the need for more ethical and transparent banking practice worldwide, where conduct amongst professionals and banking markets is more responsible in order to avoid bad banking practises and steadily restore trust in financial services;
  • explore the role of financial services in spurring economic growth

The Forum aims to be both inclusive, in that it will aim to include representatives from various institutions as well as thematically comprehensive - covering various aspects of financial services. Most importantly, the forum will facilitate information exchange and contacts between prospective UK and international stakeholders.

Held at the heart of the UK’s Financial Centre, this high level, targeted event, will aim to bring together a wide range of policymakers, senior industry practitioners as well as economic and finance experts from participating sectors and institutions.


Organised by IBDE and hosted by Clifford Chance the Forum is a logical follow up of hugely successful forums in this series organised by IBDE at KPMG and Cass Business School on 19 March and 24 June 2013, respectively.

The Forum will consist of an opening session, and two panel sessions. Each session will be introduced by a keynote speech which will be followed by four 10 min input presentations given by industry practitioners and experts. Presentations will be followed by a structured discussion and a Q & A session among representatives of different institutions, experts and companies. A buffet lunch will give participants the opportunity to continue the conversation informally.

The event will start at 08:30 a.m. and end at 13:00 p.m. to be followed by a networking lunch.

Who should attend?

Policy-makers, regulators, industry practitioners (CEOs, CFOs EDs, MDs, managers, directors and board members, decision-makers and strategists), diplomats, economists as well as experts from participating sectors and institutions and the media.

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