Exploring Strategic Business & Investment Opportunities Worldwide

Date: Monday 16 June & Tuesday 17 June (B2B meetings available on Wednesday 18 June 2014)

Where: Crowne Plaza, St Nicholas, Princes Dock, Liverpool L3 1QW, United Kingdom


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About the IFB 2014


IBDE is proud to be the official partner of the International Festival for Business 2014. The IFB 2014, the first of its kind for more than a generation, will be an "Olympics for Business" with over 100 world-class events from June to July 2014 in Liverpool attracting more than 250,000 business delegates from across the globe. It will be an urban festival of commerce, bringing together international business leaders and policymakers during two months of events, exhibitions, showcases and celebrations.



The past two decades have witnessed both tremendous change and tremendous growth in the countries across the globe. Despite the fact that the impact of the financial and economic crisis was not geographically universal it is clear that the European economic stasis has had a profound impact on global economic growth. Most advanced economies need to stimulate economic growth to reduce deficits and debt, but growth requires investment, and investment levels have slumped to record lows relative to output.

IBDE’s Global Economic Forum 2014 provides an excellent platform to discuss global economic challenges as well as explore strategic business, trade and investment opportunities worldwide in the quest to set global economic growth back on track. In addition, the Forum will boost the profile of UK and other international business interests and expertise.


The Forum will provide the gateway for prospective investors interested in exploring global FDI climate and opportunities with the added bonus of direct contact with worldwide policy-makers and businesspeople. Participants will also be able to maximise their networking opportunities throughout the Forum during coffee breaks, networking lunches and a gala drinks reception.


This high level, targeted event, will bring together a wide range of senior policy-makers, business leaders, executives from international Trade & Investment Agencies, diplomats, economists as well as experts from participating sectors and institutions.


Organised as an integral part of the International Festival for Business 2014, this high level Forum will consist of a number of panels exploring opportunities in:

>  Europe, USA, China, India, Latin America, Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Plus sessions covering, among others, the following themes:

>  Britain is Open for Business

>  Going Global - what exporters and companies need to know?

>  The EU-US Trade & Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP)

>  Challenges in doing business internationally


Each session will include presentations given by government ministers, prominent global business leaders, and heads of trade and investment promotion agencies.


Networking breaks will give participants the opportunity to continue their conversation informally.

The working language will be English.

Each session will have a moderator.

Appropriate arrangements for press coverage will be made.

B2B meetings will be organised throughout the conference.

To maximise on the opportunity of meeting the international partners you were looking for we have reserved day 3 only for one-to-one meetings. The Festival website offers a powerful 'meetings scheduler' tool that will enable you to arrange meetings with other participants at an offsite location (to be agreed and arranged between both parties). Participant are welcome to use our networking facilities at the Headquarters of the Festival for such meetings.

Who should attend


The event will attract most senior decision-makers, business people (CEOs, CFOs EDs, MDs, senior managers, directors and board members, decision-makers and strategists), investment promotion agencies, chambers’ of commerce, trade and export finance associations and their members, investment funds, hedge funds, senior investment managers, exporters, senior diplomats, international trade, economic, financial experts and the media.


Early Bird tickets are available for this event

At the heart of IFB 2014

The GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM 2014 has been planned to be  one of the highlight events of the IFB 2014, to coincide with the attendance of the Executive Bureau of United Cities and Local Government, an international organisation representing more than 1000 cities across 95 countries; and The Global City Leaders Summit, representing over 200 city leaders from around the world.

Early Expressions of Interest in Sponsorship sought

Early expressions of interest for sponsorship are requested to ensure that you maximise your exposure at the event. IBDE has a full range of sponsorship opportunities available, and partners are sought at an early stage to ensure the success of the event for all parties.

For details on the various corporate branding and visibility packages we offer on this event contact:

Email: info (at) Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7193 1485

To find out more about IFB 2014, the IBDE activities during the Festival & how we can facilitate your presence at the IFB 2014 please contact us.


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