Date: Friday, 26 June 2015

Time: 8.30 - 13.00 followed by a networking lunch

Venue: Thomson Reuters, 30 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5EP (View map)

The forums in this series which focus on restoring trust, resilience and growth in global financial markets have grown to become one of our most successful programmes. The previous forums have made an important contribution towards clarifying the circumstances surrounding the banking crises, which led to costly bank bailouts, bank failures and overall disruption of economic activity. Consequently, the forums have made a significant contribution to addressing the principal regulatory changes in the banking landscape in as much as they have focused policy-makers’ and industry participants’ attention on the appropriate role and structure of banking supervision and regulation and the crucial role that the financial services industry plays in the effective financing of the so called real economy, thereby setting economic growth back on track.


The key issues and practices in banking regulation and supervision; is any further – appropriate – regulation, supervision and enforcement needed?

Responsible banking; is the financial services system working for end users; how to balance safety and morality of financial system with economic role; what further steps need to be taken to provide the necessary credit for business and support the necessary growth?

Whether greater transparency is needed to restore confidence in market-based finance? Should leverage, complexity, and interconnectedness be supervised and if so, how?

Whether current regulatory framework is robust enough to serve as a pre-requisite for sustainable growth? What future challenges can undermine the stability that the regulatory reforms have created thus far.

What reforms do we need to enhance competitiveness in financial services? Which FS components need to be enhanced so as to make real progress with global reform agenda?

The role of financial services in creating resilient and effective Capital Markets Union

What role can clearing houses play in supporting economic growth?

Financing economic growth; non-bank forms of finance have begun to filling the lending gap left by banks due to recent financial crisis. What are the opportunities for lending to SME’s, mid-market businesses, and for long-term investments?  What are the risks?

Whether CMU will provide the type of financing critical to growth companies?

What will enable banks to continue to be market-makers?

The future of digital financial services

Surviving and thriving in a digital world: evaluating threats and opportunities in the retail and digital banking sector; will the winners take it all?

Real-time payments: strategies for success

Whether the banks are meeting the needs of the corporates?

Innovation in mobile banking

Held at the heart of the UK’s Financial Centre, this high level targeted event, will aim to bring together a wide range of policymakers, senior industry practitioners as well as economic and finance experts from participating sectors and institutions.

Organised by IBDE and hosted by Thomson Reuters the Forum is a follow up of hugely successful forums in this series organised by IBDE since the launch of its international programme on responsible banking and finance in March 2013.

Who should attend?

UK and international policymakers, regulators, industry practitioners (CEOs, CFOs EDs, MDs, managers, directors and board members, decision-makers and strategists), trade associations, chambers’ of commerce,  investment funds, hedge funds, senior investment managers, consultants, senior diplomats, economic and financial experts and the media.



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