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Premier Corporate Membership

This category is intended for leading global companies and institutions, who seek the closest relationship with the IBDE and who operate in international markets. This level of corporate membership is geared towards global players seeking to network on the highest level with government, diplomats, business leaders and other global corporations. Bridging the gap between business and governments is the game change for diplomats today, and this is the focus of the IBDE.

Premier Corporate Membership offers exclusive access to the IBDE through priority invitations to IBDE events. IBDE offers a direct line of communication to the wide-ranging and high-level expertise inherent in our broad spectrum membership - communication enhanced by the facilitating expertise of the IBDE staff.


Through association with the IBDE your company can enhance your worldwide profile of corporate social responsibility whilst expanding real opportunities for interacting with the widest spectrum of diplomatic representatives focused on engaging with your employees in the areas of commercial opportunities and procedures on behalf of their national governments.


There is also further opportunity for all Corporate Members to support IBDE by offering to sponsor research programmes and conferences and other IBDE events

For more information and for the benefits of joining IBDE memebership please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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The Rt Hon the Lord Heseltine CH

UK Deputy Prime Minister (1995-1997)

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The Rt Hon Michael Fallon

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Sir Winfried Bischoff


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These high-level meetings with speakers including most successful investors in the region serve as an excellent platform to identify and promote investment opportunities in South East Europe (SEE) with a particular focus on infrastructure, energy, ICT, Financial & Professional Services and the possibility of enhancing PPP opportunities in the region. In addition, they serve as an excellent platform to further enhance the regional political and economic cooperation in SEE. If you are an investor or are looking to invest in SEE please get involved. To find out more please contact us.