Exchange Magazine Exchange Magazine Spring 2013- Call for Papers/Articles

Exchange dedicates regular sections to issues of investment, trade, development and political risk. We are currently selecting articles for our Special Issue of Exchange that will be distributed to participants at our forthcoming "Global Economic Forum: Best Practices in Trade and Investment Promotion" and seeking potential contributors on the following themes:

  • Best practices in trade and investment promotions.
  • The role of IPAs in trade promotion,
  • International Commercial Law
  • Trade, Business, Economic and Commercial Diplomacy

Research articles/analysis are welcome for this section


We will also be conducting a number of interviews with:

  • Trade Ministers;
  • Ambassadors;
  • Senior Business Executives;
  • Heads of Investment and Trade Promotion Agencies

In addition to the above specific themes we also welcome the following topics:

The list of topics below suggests the range of topics appropriate for this Issue, which ideally seeks input from scholars across a number of disciplines related to conducting business in a less secure world. We seek papers/articles on:

  • Why global businesses need to acquire diplomatic skills?
  • Why political diplomats need to understand how the business world operates?
  • The impact of political and diplomatic disputes in international business activity
  • Articles on international trade agreements their impact and implementation
  • The responsibilities of multinational companies in the developing world
  • Articles covering international standards of business behaviour and diplomacy: how to cultivate and reinforce corporate ethics and credibility.
  • Analysis of various governance systems and working cultures that differ from Western capitalism.
  • Examination of International law and principles of treaty making (soft and hard law); regulation by international organisations (particularly as they affect international business), international arbitration, mediation and judicial settlements.
  • Assessment of the functioning of intergovernmental bodies, such as the World Trade Organisation, IMF, World Bank, the International Labour Organisation, plus other diverse global trading block

Style: Journalistic, Language: English

Please bear in mind that the maximum length is 1000 words We require authors to forward a passport-size picture with their profile, which will be shown alongside the publication. We also ask that you provide a short biography.


Please send your work to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please note that given the not-for-profit nature of the organization, all contributions to the magazine are provided on a pro bono basis.


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